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Warrant issued for Pennsylvania dog owner after threats made against police

Molly, killed by police in Beaver County, PA
Molly, killed by police in Beaver County, PA

A Beaver County, Pennsylvania woman is facing arrest following an altercation with police that ended with the death of her dog. WXPI News reported the story May 1.

Stephanie Lipinski, the owner of an 8-month-old lab named Molly, is in trouble after threatening officer's saying she would "kill them" after Beaver County officers fatally shot her dog. Molly was running loose in the neighborhood, and police showed up after a neighbor reported the pup.

Police told WPXI the pup was aggressive, and they were forced to shoot Molly when the dog got too close to them. Neighbors in the neighborhood reported Stephanie's dogs are so aggressive they can't take a walk without keeping a baseball bat handy for protection.

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