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Warped Tour stops in Kansas City


"The Tour That Will Not Die,"  otherwise known as Warped Tour ( , made it's way to Kansas City this past week. Filling its 15th year with total of nearly 50 cities, the Tour was a well oiled machine by the time it got to KC. On the ballot was over 60 bands, ranging from the genres of Rock, Pop, Punk, Emo, Ska and anything in between. In attendance was nearly every 13-40 year old that had the guts and the ability to spend 8 hours on the blacktop of Sandstone Amphitheater's parking lot, in the middle of the week. Temperatures hit nearly 100 degrees, with indexes jumping well above. But concert-goers simply kept water in hand, while meandering between mazes of 6 stages, and rows of band/label sponsored tents.

Among the national acts was a Kansas City favorite: Hard Rock gods The Architects ( Who were not only well received by locals, but have had a nice following among other cities. Considering the monsoon that battered this same tour stop last year, the extreme heat just made for another way for everyone to come out "drenched." This made it pretty apparent that there's nothing killing Tour.

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