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Warnings of starvation in the Central African Republic

People are facing starvation in the Central African Republic. Parts of the country have reached what is called a phase 4 hunger emergency. In the northwest part of the country, the regions of Ouham and Ouham-Pende, are facing extreme food shortages. They are on the brink of famine, unless the world acts.

The areas in red are facing a phase 4 hunger emergency- on the brink of famine. The areas in orange are in Phase 3 and also require massive humanitarian aid.
World Food Programme

The conflict in the Central African Republic has devastated food supplies. There are also nine regions of the country in a Phase 3 hunger emergency. They also require humanitarian aid or there will be loss of life from malnutrition.

The ongoing violence is also preventing aid from the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and other agencies from reaching the hungry. WFP is facing another problem too. In a report released today, the UN food agency said it "does not have the resources to meet life-saving needs of a growing caseload."

WFP depends on voluntary donations from governments and the public. So they need the support to fight off the famine which is fast developing.

Armed militias continue to battle and there has been a tremendous loss of livestock and crops. Many people have been displaced from their homes and have no resources. A number of war victims have fled to neighboring countries and also need aid.

In my Easter Day letter in the Washington Post I warned about the possibility of famine in the Central African Republic. If the violence continues and aid groups lack funding, there will be a large-scale tragedy.

WFP has set up a donation page for the Central African Republic.

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