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Warning to parents after Home Depot worker catches falling baby on video

A Home Depot worker in Alaska is being touted as a hero after his quick reflexes saved a baby from hitting the hard floor. The video caught on the store’s security Closed Caption TV was quickly uploaded to YouTube, was reported by USA Today and other news venues and has since gone viral. It's not the first time a quick-thinking worker has rushed in to save a falling tot. The above video shows a similar situation at an airport security counter.

Warning to parents about car seat safety on shopping carts
Tere Scott Screenshot

In the Home Depot case, the baby was apparently kicking and moving inside the car seat which had been attached to the top of the metal cart. So much wiggling eventually began to topple the baby out of the seat. An employee, named Chris, was standing nearby and jumped into action to catch the infant.

Most car seats now come with a warning not to latch car seats onto store carts, somewhat in part to deaths like this one reported to be caused from falling from a cart. There are also video warnings, like this one from the Safestrap Company, that shows exactly why the practice is unsafe.

Yet, feeling a false sense of security, many parents still do. After all, it seems like a logically safe thing to do since there is a latch on the bottom of the seat that is intended to keep the baby safe while traveling in a vehicle, and the parent is only an arm’s reach away. Though, it is far too easy to become distracted while shopping. Even if the child is strapped in, the entire seat could potentially take a tumble onto a hard floor.

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