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Warning: reports of man in white van stealing animals in Southeast Missouri

Southeast Missouri again seeing theft of pets
Southeast Missouri again seeing theft of pets
Gila Todd

Reports are coming in from all over Southeast Missouri about missing pets with most recent reports from Ste. Genevieve, Farmington, and Fredericktown.

This morning, the Sun Times reported a Ste. Genevieve County woman contacted them stating that a man in windowless, white van, had been seen picking up her two Pit Bulls.

Several other mysterious pet disappearances have been reported farther south in recent weeks from the Oak Ridge and Jackson area.

Just last week, a Jackson man was able to stop an abduction as a vehicle pulled up in front of his home and called his dogs from their yard. When the pet owner went to investigate, the drivers of the vehicle sped away leaving behind the dogs.

Here are some tips on safeguarding your pets from abduction.

  1. For outdoor pets kept in kennels and fenced yards it is recommended that a sturdy lock is in place to prevent intruders.
  2. For indoor pets being let out to potty; do not let them out alone and do not let them roam at will. Walk them on leashes where you can observe them at all times and bring them back indoors when they have finished their business. Putting them out on a cable, alone, does little to thwart an abduction.

Animals that are left to roam freely are at the highest risk of being abducted. Even animals kept on chains and cables are an easy snatch.

Animal abductions may be dog fighters looking for new dogs to fight or collecting animals to use for bait to train fighting dogs, sales to research labs, or resale to individuals just to make a few bucks. Whatever the reason, no one wants to lose their family pets.

Pay attention to suspicious activity or unfamiliar faces or vehicles in your neighborhood. Report any suspicious behavior you observe to local authorities.

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