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What you need to know about new health fads

Living Healthy
Living Healthy by vjeran2001

Maintaining a youthful appearance, staying in shape, sustaining health and living longer are what most people desire in life. You can read about, try all the new diets, supplements, exercises, miracle fruits, and best skin care products all you want yet yield no results. The thing is there is more to achieving these goals than just trying every new possibility that comes along.

First, you have to know you. What works for one person may not work for another. Everyone’s body is different and each approach should be customized to your life and genetic history. Not all men and women are physically structured to be super skinny, muscular or have unwrinkled skin.

Next, you must ask yourself what you are doing on a daily basis that is counteracting your efforts to be in shape and maintain a youthful appearance. Are you smoking? Are you drinking alcohol? Are you around many people who smoke cigarettes? Do you wear sunscreen or use other methods to protect your skin from the sun? Do you exercise then go and eat a large meal afterwards? Do you drink a lot of coffee or soda? Are you starving yourself? Are you drinking enough water?

Many more questions can be asked because many people will try all the new trends to achieve their goals of healthy living only to disrupt the process by offsetting their efforts. Being healthy is a consistent effort that requires a complete life change. It is replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones.

Do your research and follow the basics. You must research which foods are good for your health and full of important nutrients. Also, check to see which foods you should not eat in excess. You must be sure you are eating a balanced diet and smaller meals. Fresh foods are always better than processed. You get more nutrients out of fruits and vegetables that are uncooked. If your metabolism is slow, you should refrain from eating meat on a daily basis and replace it with other foods high in protein like beans, nuts and seeds.

Exercise is vital. You do not have to go to a gym to exercise. Some people find it boring and are uncomfortable working out in front of others. Go on long fast-paced walks, hiking, swimming and bike riding. If you like to play sports, just go shoot some hoops or kick a soccer ball on the field. As long as you are working up a sweat and increasing your heart rate, you are getting the exercise you need. You can even exercise while watching television by sitting in yoga positions or doing crunches.

Preventing and reducing wrinkles can help maintain a youthful appearance. The number one cause of wrinkles is sun exposure. There are many ways to prevent this exposure. You can wear sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats or even just limit sun exposure. Smoking releases chemicals that break down collagen and elastin therefore contributing to wrinkles. You should sleep on your back because excessive pressure on your face to the pillow can cause wrinkles. Eating healthy also helps prevent and reduce wrinkles.

Some chemicals are harmful to the body and some are even linked to causing cancer. Many cleaning products are full of harmful chemicals. You do not have to use bleach, comet, ammonia or other harsh cleaning products to get the job done. Distilled vinegar and lemon are great disinfectants and clean well. For glass, you can make with a homemade cleaner with vinegar, alcohol, cornstarch and water. In addition, baking soda is a great cleaner for carpet stains, ovens and bathtubs.

Find out what works best for you so that you can get the results you desire. Stick to the basics and remember that not everyone is the same so stop comparing yourself to others. Accepting yourself for who you are and how you were made is key to having self-confidence.

Not everyone can afford plastic surgery and even the ones who can still are never happy because they have a distorted view of themselves. There comes a point in everyone’s life that he or she need to love themselves and stop caring about what other people think. As long as you are living a healthy happy life and doing your best that is all that matters.

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