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Warning: 'Netflix' phishing scam steals your data

Netflix” subscribers beware. A new phishing scam directed at “Netflix” subscribers steals your data and your identity by tricking you into calling phony “Netflix” tech support, according to a March 5 article in GottaBeMobile.

Phishing (rhymes with fishing) is a method for fooling people into giving their usernames, passwords and even credit card numbers to cyber thieves. Usually, modern day phishing thieves pretend to represent banks through phony websites or bogus emails to steal customer info, but in this scam, “Netflix” subscribers are targeted.

This new phishing scam was uncovered by security researcher, Jérôme Segura. Mr. Segura, first detected this “Netflix” scam when he received the pop up message that you see in the above video.

If you are one of the 44 million subscribers to “Netflix”, and you see the screen represented in the video pop up on your computer, then you are targeted for the “Netflix” phishing scam affecting “Netflix” subscribers, like Mr. Segura.

The aim of this message is to get you to call the telephone number, where the person on the other end masquerades as a tech support person from “Netflix”. This phony tech support person then tries to get you to download “Netflix Support Software”, which in reality is software that gives control of your computer to the phony “Netflix” tech support person. While this software is copying your computer files, it displays messages on your computer screen that it is detecting so-called security threats. Not content with just stealing your computer's data, including any banking info, the thief then offers to remove the make-believe security threats for a payment of $389.97, which, you are told includes a $50.00 “Netflix” coupon (phony too).

If you receive any message like the one you see above, do not call the telephone number displayed. Rather, if you have any questions about your “Netflix” account, call the tech support number in the authentic “Netflix” documentation that came with your account or the tech support number on the real “Netflix” website—don't let this “Netflix” phishing scam steal your data.

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