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Warning: A World Wide Economic Collapse is Imminent!

As President Obama was just wrapping up his meeting with the G-7 Summit, he said in his latest speech that the European Union has all agreed, and are now ready to put sanctions on Russia. But Obama also warned that there will be consequences.

President Obama, after hearing the cries of the Ukrainian people and the NATO allies that are in the Baltic region, has been working nonstop putting more and more pressure on Russia. His latest meeting with the EU has been fruitful, as he was finally able to get them to agree to tough sanctions.

Knowing that something had to be done to stop Russia, and getting the European Union to agree to sanctions was not easy, because of the fact that Russia controls much of the gas and oil that is supplied to the European nations. But President Obama assured these nations that the U.S. will do everything in its power to help restore the gas and oil supply to the region, should Russia decide to cut them off. But he also said that it would not happen overnight and the world would see economic hardship due to these sanctions.

The cheapest and best way to supply the gas and oil to the European nations has already been organized through Russia and to do it any other way would be costly for Europe as well as the entire world. Having to ship the oil and gas there or to do it any other way, then by the way Russia had already set up would be costly. The only comparable way to restore the fuel to Europe is through new pipelines that would take time and money.

When Russia decides to cut off the supply, it will also cause a fuel shortage throughout Europe. This fuel shortage will be interpreted in stock markets all around the world as higher fuel prices, as stock markets are governed by the law of supply and demand around the world. If there is a shortage of gas anywhere in the world, the result is higher prices at the gas pumps, regardless of where you live.

In order to help Europe, the US and other countries will have to scramble to try to bridge the supply gap, making their own nations fall short on fuel. The danger is as the price of oil per barrel imports continue to rise, prices go up in the stores as the cost to ship products increase. Once the oil per barrel price gets to a certain point, at about $124 per barrel, the economy can no longer sustain it, and an economic collapse becomes apparent.

But Russia cutting off the fuel supply is not the only worry. Russia is an ally to most of the Muslim nations who also supply oil. And if Russia dictates, all the Middle Eastern countries, like Iran for instance, may stop their fuel productions as well, causing a further fuel shortage across the world, making a world wide economic collapse that more damaging. Iran can also control the channel in the strait of Hormuz, as they have demonstrated in the past, where most of the world's fuel supply is shipped through.

To get an idea how much on board Russia's allies are, take a look at what North Korea did today. It seems like every time sanctions are mentioned against Russia, North Korea fires more rockets into the sea. They did this today just as Obama was making his latest speech against Russia. It is apparent that all the Middle East allies are ready and waiting for Russia's command to use all the weapons at their disposal that was supplied to them by Russia. North Korea fired missiles into the sea and Iran continues to send rockets to Gaza to be fired at Israel. Iran has the nuclear weapons, ready and waiting for Putin's command to be fired at the United States number one ally in the Middle East, Israel. So at any second, the world could turn into complete chaos just by a signal given by Russia.

We are living in perilous times, at any given moment there could be a world wide economic collapse and chaos could break out in the Middle East. The tribulation hour is about to begin, the midnight hour is upon us. Ask Jesus into your heart, ask him to forgive you of your sins and get ready, before its too late! The final signs and warnings are here and you don't want to be left behind for the tribulation hour that is about to come. Don't delay, ask Jesus into your heart today!

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