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Warner Brothers Interactive to open multimedia video gaming studio in Montreal


Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment announced this week that they will open an interactive multimedia video-game production studio and facility in Montreal, announced by Quebec Premier Jean Charest and Warner Brothers Interactive President Martin Tremblay.

The company, known for its Batman and other DC Comics franchises, and its Lord of The Rings gaming titles, worked together with the province and an investment of $7.5 million from Investissement Quebec to close on a deal that will bring 300 jobs to the Montreal video gaming industry, in the wake of many other world gaming centers having bid for the opportunity, including others in Canada, The US and Australia.

Confirming the position of Quebec as one of the leading capitals of the video gaming industry, with a richly alluring talent pool of gaming development professionals, with over 14 000 employees in over 700 multimedia related companies, this comes on the heels of rival gaming producers THQ and Funcom announcing their opening of game production studio facilities in Quebec.

In this past decade, Quebec has spent a total of more than $100 million attracting video game producers to it's ripe and fertile gaming industry sector.

( Image courtesy of Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment )


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