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Warmer temperatures and cool knitting

A springtime shawl will jazz up your wardrobe.
A springtime shawl will jazz up your wardrobe.
Holli Friedland

As spring approaches, lighter weights and colors of yarns become the favorites. Just because the weather is breaking, does not mean that you need to stop knitting. In fact, it is quite the opposite!

Now, you have the chance to make those cotton blend socks, the shawlette for cool evenings or bolero jacket. Sweaters are always in fashion. You can make them from light weight yarns rather than bulky winter wool.

If you have never tried knitting socks, challenge yourself and give it a try. Here is a pattern for some light springtime socks. These adorable periwinkle socks will any outfit. They are perfect for a gift for a friend or for you.

A shawlette adds a fashion statement to your springtime outfit. When it is too warm for a heavy coat and too cool to go without any wrap, a shawl or shawlette fits the bill perfectly. The Mini Mochi Shawlette uses Crystal Palace Mini Mochi yarn, a lightweight wool blend that is often used in socks or lacy patterns.

An easy-to-knit bolero jacket will definitely add flair to your overall look. Be stylish and fabulous by using vibrant colors. Or go with a smoky gray or brown for a more elegant look.

Some people think of hand knit sweaters as grandmotherly and not in vogue. Here is a sweater that blows that theory out of the water. Look chic with this gorgeous Springtime in Paris sweater. Use charcoal gray for a nighttime look or pastels for daytime wear.

Springtime is a great time for knitting as long as you pick a project that will not be weighty and hot on your lap. If you are not interested in these patterns, there are a plethora of them available and many of them are free. Whatever project you wish to complete, just keep knitting!


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