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WARMACHINE Tips and Tricks


Strategies abound for the steam-powered metal miniatures game so hardcore that its name must be capitalized, according to its creators, in order to show off the powerful machined muscles. WARMACHINE brings the Iron Kingdoms to life in stunning detail. I discovered a wealth of information with the help of a slew of local aficionados, which many players may not be aware of.

Know Yourself!
Nothing is more important to a WARMACHINES army than knowing its strengths and weaknesses. Khadorian armies are slow and heavy-hitting, their warjacks pack a powerful wallop and the casters can bring enemy advances to a standstill. Cygnar armies value position over all else. Take the high ground and pummel your foes with ranged attacks. Cryx and Protectorate forces have the advantage of poison and fire attacks which can cause massive damage over time. Use Cryx casters to cripple opponents and Protectorate leaders to enhance their allies.

Know Your Foe!
Second only to knowing yourself, always bear in mind your opponent’s weaknesses. Khadorians can be quickly charged and surrounded in order to bring down their massive units. Cygnar lightning is deadly at a distance, but their armor is weaker than most. The undead Cryx forces rely heavily on their casters and arc nodes to direct their attacks, destroy these early to gain a decided advantage. The Protectorate of Menoth’s forces rely on combinations of units to reach maximum effectiveness. Removing a single key character can destroy their units’ abilities.

Determine the Lay of the Land!
Terrain is a key for victory in WARMACHINE. Cryx forces can often seal their engines and wade through ponds which would deactivate their steam-powered opponents. Snow and ice are no challenge for the northern-born Khadorians, but can slow other forces to a crawl. Difficult terrain can prevent charges, defend weaker units and impede unwary travelers. Use these to your advantage.

Latest Developments!
The magic hating elves of Scyrah have also joined the Iron Kingdoms and make war on casters from afar. No longer are mage-hunters solo units as these stealthy foes seek to remove Warcasters from the world entirely. Always update your forces with the latest release by picking up products from one of Boise's great local gaming stores. Many of the heroes and villains who hit the field as part of the initial set receive star treatment in later versions as their story continues and their powers develop. While this smacks of “power creep,” the older versions of the characters still offer useful abilities for armies that span all of the game’s timeline.


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