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Warm weather encourages early outdoor activities in Albuquerque

Workout apparatuses
Workout apparatuses
Suzanna Chavez

Taylor Ranch, a well-developed Albuquerque neighborhood, has some great options for outdoor activity. The Mariposa Basin Park is one of those. Not only are there three paved tracks to choose, but the park also has a playground, baseball and soccer fields, horseshoe grounds and strength building apparatuses.

Many residents have taken advantage of Albuquerque’s unseasonably warm weather and can already be spotted throughout the day biking, running or walking pets on the loops or partaking in another available activity. The park has beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges and a couple of ponds, which attract several bird species and are populated with carp. Mariposa is also equipped with picnic tables, bathrooms and plenty of onsite parking.

Whether the reason is to get outdoors for a workout, spending quality time picnicking with the family or just playing in the sun, Mariposa Basin Park is a great place to visit.