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Warm up, enjoying life can cost less than a penny a day!

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Bringing more wellness, love and poetry in your life!

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March 03, 2014: it has been a very long and cold winter. Snow is falling in the DC area since early morning. Everything has shut down due to slippery roads and cold conditions.

Nature: one of the most important mind and body healers.

Despite temperature below 40 degree temperatures, people can be happy!

Nature heals the soul and comfort the body. By Looking for fast and disastrous ways for immediate relief, prescribed medicine or illegal drugs are first in line. Natural healing falls to the wayside.

Bringing more wellness and poetry in your life!

Warm up!! Enjoying life can cost less than a penny a day!

  • Feeding birds in winter is an award winner experience.

During very cold days, try to relax in front of a window, contemplating the beauty of falling snow or watching the antics of birds and squirrels.

  • A walk in the park is more beneficial than pills.
  • Nothing like Playing with children to let stress go.

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