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Warm memories

Nearly four decades ago I purchased a cheerleading coat when I made the cheer squad. I couldn’t wait to wear it and announce to the world that I was a cheerleader. I did not have any dangling medals on it but I wore my pins proudly. Today, that coat still hangs in my closet, unworn, but there are too many memories to warrant donating it. Today, while out and about I noticed something.

People watching is so much fun, and a fast food restaurant is the perfect place to do it! At the beginning of the year I gave up reading because it is so easy to stick my nose in a book and miss what is happening around me. Today, as people came and went I couldn’t help notice how they announced their accomplishments through the jackets they wore. For example, a tall, athletic looking young lady was wearing her lettermen jacket dripping with medals she earned from her respective sports. There were also a couple young ladies wearing their infamous blue FFA (Future Farmers of America) jackets, also complete with medals. Among the crowd was a gentleman wearing a windbreaker from a half Ironman competition that he had conquered. Tucked in among these extra-curricular jackets stood a mailman wearing his work jacket. So many people, so many jackets, so many stories!

I couldn’t help but think about my old cheerleading jacket and the announcement I made to the world every time I wore it. My memories were just as warm as the jacket itself.

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