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Wargaming talks menus and UI for 'World of Tanks' on Xbox 360

Wargaming hits the Xbox 360.
Wargaming hits the Xbox 360.

Diablo III already showed us that bringing a PC game to the Xbox 360 doesn't have to be a task that completely removes the heart and soul of the game's user interface, and Wargaming looks to be mastering the balance with today's release of World of Tanks on Xbox 360. had the chance to speak exclusively with TJ Wagner, who is the executive producer and creative director of World of Tanks, about the in-game's user interface and how they had to really work to balance out the menus so they were not overwhelming.

"You guessed right on the user interface. World of Tanks is a deeply complex game and we had to make our version of it work at TV resolution with a controller from 8-10 feet away. Every pixel and line of code for the menus and HUD had to be created from scratch.

"We were all still learning the game at the same time and I’ll be honest, user testing sent us back to the drawing board more than once. It’s still a challenge as we are going to be constantly adding features as the game matures on Xbox 360. Where do we fit them all? How do we give the players all the information they need without walls of tiny text?

"UI’s job will never be done on this game and that’s possibly also one of the greatest things about World of Tanks on the 360. We get to listen to and watch players, constantly refining the user’s experience as the game grows," Wagner said.

It's certainly a novel and idealistic way to say that a certain aspect of a game will always be changing and improving, but hopefully that last sentiment does not mean the menus will be a hindrance for the players when they play the game today. That said, Wargaming has had a fair amount of time to develop the game's UI and it should deliver strongly.

While this still is a game we could see on next-generation platforms in the future, hopefully World of Tanks makes a strong first impression for players on the Xbox 360. It could be a telling inference to what the future holds for the game on consoles.

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