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Wargaming dives into battle with 'World of Warships' and 'World of Tanks:Blitz'

Wargaming is entering the third facet of battle with naval skirmishes.
Wargaming is entering the third facet of battle with naval skirmishes.
Photo courtesy of Wargaming, used with permission.

Wargaming has accomplished a lot in building the Free-to-Play world. Starting off with World of Tanks a few years back on PC, it garnered a lot of military fans due to its hardcore gameplay elements and its tank choices. Fast forward a few years and Wargaming brings World of Tanks over to Xbox 360 as a Free-to-Play title. To this day, 10% of all Xbox Live accounts have downloaded this, which is roughly around 3.8 million users. Wargaming also branched out with World of Warplanes, promising the same type of scale and fun with tons of old fighter planes. At E3 2014, Wargaming had some new things to show off, and this author was able to see what it has to offer.

New game by Wargaming
Photo courtesy of Wargaming, used with permisison

The biggest addition to the family will focus on the sea with World of Warships. Promising large scale battles on large maps, World of Warships is focusing on the detail of the ship models, as well as those large scale battles. There are four classes of ships available, all with individual guns that can be taken out. Physics will play a huge role in World of Warships as Wargaming looks to nail down every facet of a giant naval battle.

As mentioned before, there are four different types of ships to choose from in World of Warships. The first class of ship is a Destroyer. These are small, fast, and hard to locate on the map. These are perfect for scouting out areas. The second class is a Cruiser. This ship is considered a “Jack of all Trades” as it is generally the first line of defense and provides overall support such as artillery and torpedoes. The big mama, the Battleship, is the slowest ship in the sea but it takes a beating. It has the highest armor and the most hit points. The last ship is an aircraft carrier. These can strategically be placed at sea as jets will fly and take down ships. Waypoints can also be plotted to help strategize an attack.

Wargaming is bringing the World of Tanks series to iOS and Android devices with World of Tanks Blitz. The idea behind this is to offer a very quick, fun, and functional way of playing World of Tanks on the go. Progression is much faster as money is gained quicker. The battles are 7-on-7 and still offer destructive environments. The game looked great on the iPad screen and it controlled fairly well for having touchscreen controls.

Even though World of Tanks on Xbox 360 is free to play, Wargaming will be releasing a retail SKU. Estimated to be under $30, this package will contain a Premium Tier 2 Panzer Tank exclusive to the retail version, along with 3 days of premium time, extra gold and silver, and thirty days of Xbox Live Gold. This is more or less a deal with a publisher through Microsoft.

Wargaming continues to build on a great Free-to-Play element. There is most certainly a market for all of these military games. World of Warships is still currently in alpha as they look to offer closed beta towards the end of 2014. For the moment, it is only slated for a PC release. However, judging by past experience, there is a good chance it heads over to a console at some point. Stay tuned for more information involving World of Warships and other Wargaming titles.

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