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'Warframe' on PS4: UI challenges

WF's UI is an integral part of customization and player communication.
WF's UI is an integral part of customization and player communication.

The third person shooter is making headway on Sony’s new console. Overall porting is smooth, save for the UI.

Digital Extremes’s free-to-play, sci-fi, action title, Warframe is currently being ported to PS4. So far, the studio has reported an easy go with the transition; though is finding challenges within the UI design, the company tells us.

“When a new generation of consoles is introduced it’s always a learning experience for developers and publishers alike,” said Pat Kudirka, Associate Producer for the PS4 version of Warframe. “The transition to the PS4 has actually been quite smooth for Warframe but our biggest challenge has been adapting the user interface (UI) for console gamers.”

WF initially launched an open beta on PC in March of this year. Naturally, this means the UI was designed to utilize a mouse and keyboard setup. With the PS4 version coming this holiday, the team has been crafting a new UI from the “ground up.”

“To be console and controller friendly we have had to design the UI from the ground up and make sure both PC and PS4 users are happy with the transition,” Kudirka explains. “This is a lengthy process and has been our biggest challenge thus far.”

Considering the somewhat complexity of Warframe’s crafting and inventory system, it will be interesting to see how it translates to console. Gameplay will pan out like most other 3rd person action games, but the down time between missions is where players buff their frames, build looted items and connect with other players for special missions and clan recruitment. Time will most certainly tell.

Warframe is presently in an open beta for PC and will launch alongside PS4 on Nov. 15 in NA, Nov. 29 in the UK.

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