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Warehouse Dinner For Two Under $10



  • frugal 6 years ago

    you could eat for 3 days on bread and milk and eggs for under 10 bucks.why eat out when you can eat at home for less.

  • AnchorageEater 6 years ago

    Frugal, you missed the point of the article. Not everyone wants to eat at home. If you want to eat out and not spend a lot of money, all this article was offering was a cheap alternative. Besides...who wants to only eat bread, eggs and milk for 3 straight days?

  • food_is_good 6 years ago

    Exactly, AnchorageEater!
    Frugal, you could live the rest of your life on rice, and never leave your home- although I really hope that never entered your mind as a possibility ;-) This post falls under the heading of "Restaurant." I thought it was quite clever to include Costco as an eat-out choice-- not the fist place most people think of for fast but very decent and extremely cheap food.
    Clara- I would love to see more "undiscovered" places-- do they exist in Anchorage? Can you enlighten us as to which shanty restaurants and road-side stands harbor cheap but quality eats? I enjoy your posts, thanks!

  • Clara Hughes 6 years ago

    Thanks for the comment, food_is_good! I am planning to add more local, smaller, mom & pop type restaurant reviews and tips. I just posted one today about Hula Hands, so hopefully that will get the interest going.

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