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The Warby Parker Classroom: The New Kid on the Block
The Warby Parker Classroom

When you think of going shopping for eyeglasses I can almost bet the number one thing on your mind is the concern for how much money your about to drop on a pair of glasses you barely even like. Growing up as a child eyeglass wearer, I used to despise picking out a new pair each year my prescription got worse and worse. The mere fact that my vision was declining year after year was not the epicenter of my sorrow, yet it was the fact that I would have to wear yet another pair of ugly glasses. As I got older and understood the costs of prescription glasses, the style no longer bothered me as much as the price. The average price for eyeglasses based on the Vision Service plan is $196, and can go up to $600 for those without insurance or who are seeking designer frames.

The New Kid on the Block

So for $196 you get your vision, you get unsightly looking frames, and you might be on a strict diet of ramen for the next week. Thank the eyeglass heavens that Warby Parker has removed this issue from ever taking place again. Warby Parker offers free home delivery and try-on for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, that if purchased began retailing at a mere $95. Glasses are made available through their website and free standing stores and are vintage inspired cool one of a kind frames.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Neil Blumenthal, co-Founder and co CEO of the prescription eyeglasses/sunglasses American brand. Founded in 2010 Neil says the idea behind Warby Parker was to offer affordable prices for top quality frames, while developing direct relationships with consumers. Blumenthal states that they would walk into an eyeglass shop and get excited, but would end up leaving feeling ripped off. So they located a problem, and created a solution for it.

While working with a non-profit that trained low-income woman to run their own businesses giving eye exams and selling glasses, Neil was designing and manufacturing the glasses for those communities and saw the glasses being produced for people who were on a $4 a day income. It was here that he realized these same glasses were being produced right next to some of the top high-end retailers in the world. This gave the CEO’s of Warby Parker the idea that they could design and manufacture their frames at an inexpensive price, while still being able to sell top quality glasses at a reasonable price. To take the saving’s a step further for their consumers, they knew that by offering their glasses online they could sell the glasses at below wholesale prices and be able to offer the best pricing possible. Talk about putting the consumer first.

As if being philanthropic wasn’t an incentive enough to adorn this retailer, they also offer a unique and warming company culture. Neil states that they didn’t want their employees to just roll over every morning and hit the snooze button; they strive for them to learn daily and be as involved as possible. They offer a learning environment by bringing in people such as Lucky Magazine Editor in Chief Eva Chen to speak to the team, and by offering workshops on leadership and giving and receiving feedback. Aside from offering a great company culture, Warby Parker also practices sustainability and is highly involved in their efforts to do so. For every pair of frames you buy from them, a pair is given to a person in need through the same non-profit Neil formerly worked for. They not only provide people of these communities with glasses, but also help train them to give eye exams to cater to the changing prescriptions that people typically face year after year.

Focusing their next venture on how they can continue to spread their message and make their online experience better, Neil states that they are looking to key in on the mobile community be making it easier to shop with mobile apps. With their mobile ventures, and vast ecommerce success, Warby Parker has also been opening pop-up shops and free standing stores across the country. A school bus filled with school inspired memorabilia traveled across the country and served as an interactive pop up shop that allowed for people to experience Warby Parker outside of their well known ecommerce arena. After making it’s way all around, the bus ended right back up in good ol’e Dallas, TX. Intrigued by the spirit of the city, and the connections created while touring the pop-up bus, Neil felt Dallas would be the perfect spot to leave the school bus permanently.

On June 18th, Dallas was made home to Warby Parker's third free standing store outside of New York. The Dallas store is Warby Parkers first ever concept store and is all inspired by the classroom, taking the consumer through an interactive shopping experience filled with school memorabilia.This experiential and innovative retailer is truly a unique company that not only values its employees, but values their customers 100%. With that said what are you waiting for? Toss those over priced ugly glasses you despise wearing, and do yourself a solid by heading on over to their newest store! Once there you can try on their full collection of glasses, get same day non-Rx purchases, get frame adjustments, and receive progressive lenses and easy returns/exchanges.

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DALLAS, TX 75206

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