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War with Russia is unnecessary: They bit off more than they can chew

Everyone knows that fighting Russia over their taking in more Russians would be whacko. However, there are more Russians to be taken, and the question is what next? If the Russians in states that were formerly the USSR want their independence, their governments had better hurry up with their NATO and Western alignment. Once under a mutual protection treaty, Russia would have a much more difficult time consuming more territory.

Russia consuming Crimea
Getty/The Hill

The red alert has been issued and all of the former USSR members need to take protective action.

“Obama: No military action in Ukraine
By Jeremy Herb

President Obama said Wednesday that the U.S. military would not take military action in Ukraine against Russia.

"We are not going to be getting into a military excursion in Ukraine,” Obama said in an interview Wednesday with KNSD, the NBC affiliate in San Diego.

"I think even the Ukrainians would acknowledge, for us to engage Russia militarily would not be appropriate and would not be good for Ukraine, either,” Obama added.”

In the meantime, the US, EU and NATO need to shore up their strategy and approach in dealing with Vladimir Putin. He and Russia are a rogue regime that doesn’t belong in the G8 club, for instance.

Russia can take on more population, but they should observe the necessity for a sustainable economy where the ratio of population to resources is a critical success factor.

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