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War in Ukraine: Russia approves use of force

Putin gets approval for military action in Ukraine.
Putin gets approval for military action in Ukraine.
Marianna Massey/Getty

A war in Ukraine seems closer than it has in the past few days. The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, asked the upper house of the Russian parliament to approve the use of military troops in Crimea. According to a March 1 report by CNN, that request was granted by unanimous decision.

A Russian lawmaker stated that Russia could send a “limited” armed force to Crimea. It is unknown what he meant by limited. About 300 “gunmen,” in Russian Special Forces uniforms, tried to take over the Sevastopol unit of the Ukrainian Coast Guard. Local residents were attempting to negotiate, asking the Russian troops not to attack.

According to Ukrainian officials, Ukraine has already been “invaded and occupied” by Russian troops. Aircraft, ships and Russian troops arrived earlier in the week. It is unknown the exact number of troops already in the Ukraine.

The Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt took to Twitter to express is opinion. He stated that Putin's move was “clearly against international law and the principles of European security.”

Barack Obama warned Russia not to take military action. He stated that any violation of Ukraine's sovereignty would be “deeply destabilizing.” At this time, Obama thinks that the Ukrainian people should be able to have the “opportunity to determine their own future.”

The acting Ukrainian president, Oleksandr Turchynov, said that Ukraine would defend itself and any invasion by Russian would be met with “very serious consequences.”

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