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War in Ukraine: Russia appears to be ready to fight

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The situation in Ukraine has gotten worse, much worse. It appears that Russia is preparing to go to war with Ukraine. According to a February 28 report by Freedom Outpost, there are several signs that Russia will not give up Crimea without a fight.

One of those signs is the Russian flag flying over the regional government headquarters and parliament in Crimea. According to a report by Reuters, the Ukrainian leaders urged Moscow not to “abuse” its navy base rights in Crimea.

“Surprise military exercises” have been ordered by Russia. Those are expected to take place near the Ukraine border. According to a report by CNN, demonstrators, both pro-Ukraine and pro-Russian, shouted back and forth to each other near where the military exercises have been order to take place.

Several Russian ships have landed in Ukraine. According to a report by the International Business Times, at least five Russian military ships and vessels have arrived. Those ships contain an unknown number of troops. Some of those troops are believed to be Special Forces.

In addition to the troop movement in Crimea, Sevastopol has “installed” a pro-Russian mayor. The new mayor, Aleksei Chally, is a Russian citizen. According to a report a The Guardian, fears are growing that his will “deepen ties” with the Russian government.

Viktor Yankukovych, the ousted Ukrainian president, has sought help from Russia. He even held a press conference earlier today, blaming Western policies and interference for the problems between Russia and Ukraine.

It can not be forgotten that a “vitally important” natural gas pipeline from Europe to Russia goes through Ukraine. It appears highly unlikely that Russian would back down from such an important source of natural gas.

The demographics also plays a role in how much Russia does not want to give up Crimea. About 60% of the population in Crimea are ethnic Russians. Many of the pro-Russians in Crimea are calling for “reunification” with Russia.

At the time of publication, it was unknown just how far Russia would go to keep Crimea. Seeing that Ukrainian officials have already called Russia's recent actions a “military invasion and occupation,” all out war may not be too far away.



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