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War Thunder introduces research points

Gaijin Entertainment changed the way War Thunder players receive experience in the last several patches. Before the change, players received overall experience and experience for a the nation they represented when they engaged in aerial battles. Now, players earn research points to advance to the next tier.

A Fly In at an airshow. An F-86 Sabre flies in the middle
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Pilots receive research points for shooting enemy units, destroying enemy ground vehicles, destroying enemy ships, and downing enemy planes. Research points replace experience points, although they serve the same function. Players still receive overall experience that determines their overall level.

Although the change makes sense, other aspects of the game remain a mystery to the players. The still mysterious aspects include how the ground and aircraft crew receive experience. These rewards seem to be connected to the pilot’s flight time and activity in a particular airplane.

While these changes are exciting, War Thunder players await the introduction of live ground and naval battles. Players can participate in the combined battles on the test server, but Gaijin Entertainment works to make the game as bug free as possible.

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