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War on Poverty organizations….feed Utah legislators

Legislators stock up on box lunches.
Legislators stock up on box lunches.
Ronald Mortensen

On the second day of the legislative session, the Utah Community Action Partnership (CAP Utah) luncheon served as the pickup point for legislators in search of a free meal.

According to the CAP Utah web page:

Utah’s community action agencies are organizations established under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 to fight America’s War on Poverty….These agencies work collectively to provide families with the support and resources they need to obtain self-sufficiency.

An anti-poverty funded feeding program for legislators does make sense since, as everyone knows, Utah is the state of the free lunch and legislators will show up when they get the scent of free food.

Reportedly, Republican House members were encouraged to attend their caucus meeting so they didn’t have a lot of time to spend with agency officials and their partner agencies. However, many found time to drop by and pick up a free box lunch, or two, rather than paying for their own caucus lunch.

Democrats were less busy and had time to pick up their lunches and spend time eating with other guests.

Apparently you have to spend money to get money on capitol hill.

The event raises the questions of (1) why do legislators feel it is appropriate to have poverty fighting agencies pick up the tab for their lunch, and (2) will legislators eventually pay for their meals by allocating millions of dollars of taxpayer funds for the war on poverty?

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