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'War on Humans' next frontier for radical environmentalists

War on Humans
War on Humans
War on Humans

It's always struck me as pretty amusing to hear Barack Obama tear into "flat earth" types for not caring about the certain fate our environmental negligence will inflict on our children and grandchildren. This is a pretty rich indictment coming from the same man who has run up the national debt with such reckless abandon that children being born in the U.S. today each enter the world already owing $1.53 million.

Apparently, Obama hasn't been let in on the plans of his allies in the environmental salvation business whose plans exclude humans altogether. A new recently released documentary suggests that the only way to save the planet is to reduce the human population by as much as 90%.

Ben Velderman of EAG News notes:

“The War on Humans” is a 30-minute film produced by the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think tank that deals with issues relating to science, culture and bioethics. In the film, director John West exposes the dark side of America’s extreme environmentalists, who reject the idea that human beings should hold a special place in nature over the “non-human animals.”

More to the point: The extremists believe humans are a “plague on the planet” and the only cure is massive depopulation. To achieve that ambitious plan, the radicals have developed a long-range strategy for carrying it out, as “War on Humans” makes clear.

The video, which can be viewed here, reveals the steps in the process to "fundamentally transform" the planet Earth, first by brainwashing school children into believing that human beings aren’t inherently better than other species. In other words, "human exceptionalism" is a myth, perpetrated by the planet's most selfish species.

Once that proposition is widely accepted, next comes the move toward human depopulation depends by extending "constitutional rights" to animals and other non-human life forms. (Apparently, in the minds of the filmmakers, a world Constitution is somewhere in the offing.)

Velderman explains this phase of the plan as follows:

If the extremists can get judges to rule that animals have the same rights as humans – perhaps on the grounds that they can feel pain or have some degree of self-awareness – then animals will have legal standing in the courts and will be able to sue (with the help of human “friends”) to have their rights protected.

Such lawsuits could shut down farms and animal-related industries, and could prevent land development – for housing, industrial use or energy production – on the grounds it would kill animals and ruin their habitats. Even if the environmentalists and their animal clients don’t win their lawsuits, the cost of litigation could drive farmers and manufacturers out of business. – or drive up the costs of their products which will make them less appealing to consumers.

The result of all this would be a greatly damaged and diminished American economy. Living expenses would shoot sky-high, and it would make it financially impossible for couples to raise a large family – perhaps even a small family.


This many all seem conspiratorial and far-fetched, but as “The War On Humans” notes, more than 100 of the nation’s best law schools have animal rights law clinics. That’s a good indication the movement to grant animals legal standing is going to grow and become more powerful in the coming years.

Presumably, groups like PETA will celebrate this victory until its members discover that only a tenth of them will be spared.

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