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War on Christmas returns to Wisconsin's capitol


  • Ray Melnik - author 5 years ago

    Simply to add a voice of reason should not trouble anyone and it is a holiday for not only Christians. If a voice of reason scares people that much they should consider that it’s their problem, and not those who simply have the same right to their own holiday message. Happy Winter Solstice and Reason’s Greetings.

  • Profile picture of Mitchell S. Gilbert
    Mitchell S. Gilbert 5 years ago

    Fighting the nonexistent war on Christmas is self-defeating

  • Tou 5 years ago

    Winter Solstice isn't just a celebration for the Northern Hemisphere. OZ has a summer solstice around the same time. (Down under, time isn't a precise as elsewhere.)

  • Profile picture of Tor
    Tor 5 years ago

    I kind of like having Christmas be so important. It means that the lift lines are shorter as most people are doing the family thing. My family skis, which isn't as fattening.

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