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War on Christmas - an opinion


  • Mark C. 5 years ago

    So many things to comment on this story. First, there aren't any Buddhist statues on government property. If there were, I would darn well oppose them. But the only religious statues on government property (or 10 Commandment displays) are obviously Christian in nature. Atheists, humanists, non-Christians and even Christians who aren't as devout as the columnist just want the government to be neutral when it comes to religion and neither endorse or promote it. Nothing more. At one time the government was actively promoting the Christian religion through the usage of the government such as in schools through bible readings or organized prayers. To not do so is of course not discriminating against Christianity but ensuring the government is neutral. For example, that case in Louisiana involved the government promoting religion through organized prayer. Children can pray all they want, but it is not the business of the government and state to promote it.

  • Profile picture of Patricia Cummings
    Patricia Cummings 5 years ago

    very nice article. I agree with you on the war on Christmas. And I will continue to say Christmas and not leave out Christ.

  • Tom S. 5 years ago

    The founders knew what they were doing and wanted the precepts of Christianity promoted. That's how our country has operated up until the middle of the last century. ACLU and other anti-God groups want Christianity out of the public arena and think they are right to do so, using any number of excuses. However, most of the country still like it to stay as it had always been, Christianity-dominated. Let's fight, gang, to get our Christian roots back!

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