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'War Of The Worlds Goliath’ in theaters March 7th

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Fans of the original and remake of War of The Worlds for years have been looking for a continuation of the classic tale. While the closest thing we got was a two seasoned television show many felt it did not do the classic story justice. Shift forward to 2014 and how about the continuation being animated? Sure works for me and any fan of manga or anime. While the overall premise looks intriguing heading into the world of animation may lose some interest in the subject matter but no way possible can anyone say this doesn't look awesome!

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What is being labeled as “an animated steampunk epic” War of The Worlds Goliath takes us back into the battle between Earth and Mars. Fifteen years after the original invasion by the martians the humans expect their return. Fused with american railroad and martian technology a small team of soldiers have created Goliath which is a steam powered tripod and possible the only thing standing in the way of the impending return of the martians.

Using the voice talents of Adrian Paul, Adam Baldwin, Peter Wingfield, Mark Sheppard, Elizabeth Gracen,Jim Byrnes, Beau Billingslea, Matt Letscher,and James Arnold Taylor. War of The Worlds looks great and reminds me of the Titan AE animation full feature that was pretty sweet as well. Coming from Executive Producer and co creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kevin Eastman and directed by Joe Person Goliath looks like a treat any genre fan could enjoy. Look for it when it hits limited theaters and on demand on March 7th. Also look for a review on War of The Worlds Goliath soon!


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