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War Machine still on the loose after allegedly beating Christy Mack

According to an Aug. 8 report from Bloody Elbow, Las Vegas police are still searching for standout MMA fighter, War Machine, after the brutal beating of world-renowned actress, Christy Mack, and one other unknown person. War Machine has been on the run for over 24 hours, after Mack was found on the morning of Aug. 8 in the Las Vegas home she shares with him, with non-life threatening injuries.

Bellator star War Machine is still on the loose after beating Christy Mack
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Mack reportedly suffered a severe beating that was described as non-life threatening. Luckily, she is expected to survive, and make a full recovery. Mack, 23, is a critically-acclaimed actress and model who has appeared in several mainstream magazines, including Rebel Ink and Inked Girls. She was involved in a serious relationship with War Machine for several months, but it appears their love has turned sour and taken an ugly, violent twist. Bellator immediately released War Machine from his contract upon learning the news that Mack was beaten.

War Machine, 32, most recently competed under the Bellator MMA roster, but the promotion cut ties with him due to a no tolerance policy on domestic violence. No word yet on which MMA promotion War Machine will end up with next. However, that's the least of his worries at present time. Before he can start thinking about resuming his MMA career, he'll have to answer to police.

Las Vegas police haven't revealed many details on the latest War Machine domestic violence incident. The only detail to emerge so far is that the altercation involved three people, including War Machine and Mack. The actress and one other unnamed person were found with non-life threatening injuries, and were hospitalized. War Machine is the prime suspect in the beating, but police were unable to locate him.

War Machine has had a couple run-ins with the law in past years, as he served a pair of year-long sentences. He has been an upstanding citizen for at least the past 12 months, staying out of trouble and devoting his time to MMA training. Unfortunately, he seems to have gone back to his wicked ways. Mack hasn't made any public comment on the beating, besides a tweet informing the public that she would be missing a scheduled appearance due to an emergency situation.

War Machine hasn't tweeted in close to 24 hours, so he hasn't made any comment on the incident either. Ironically, his last tweet mentioned something about believing that he's cursed. Where Mack and War Machine go from here is anyone's guess. Hopefully they'll be able to move forward from this incident, and life positive, healthy lives in the future. Fight fans shouldn't expect to see War Machine back in the UFC though, as that ship has clearly sailed. Bellator MMA is also unlikely to give him another chance.

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