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War Machine says adult toy company scammed Christy Mack out of $10k

War Machine says Christy Mack was scammed out of $10k by an adult toy company
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

According to a Feb. 6 tweet from War Machine, the studly Bellator MMA star decided to take to Twitter to let fight fans know his girlfriend, critically-acclaimed adult film actress Christy Mack, was scammed out of $10,000 by an adult toy company.

"Mack is all mad at me for causing such a stink but I don't give a sh*t, not gonna let anyone rip my woman off, f*ck @Fleshlight," Machine tweeted.

Mack hasn't made any official comment on the matter, but Machine is standing up for her by putting Fleshlight on blast via Twitter.

"@TheAntJimmyShow @Fleshlight they're trying to f*ck my girl out of $10,000. She's too nice to make a stink but NOT I!" Machine tweeted.

Mack has been working with the adult toy company, Fleshlight, since last year.

Apparently she signed a contract that had some fine print in it, and it wasn't until this month that she realized she wouldn't be making as much money from the deal as she thought she would.

"F*ck what you trick someone into signing, what you TELL them verbally counts in my eyes! F*ck the fine print! @fleshlight," Machine tweeted.

Fleshlight hasn't made any official comment on the matter, but apparently the company issued a cease-and-desist letter to Machine to try to get him to stop tweeting negative messages about their brand.

"Cease and desist" THESE NUTS! @Fleshlight I give ZERO f*cks!" Machine tweeted in response to the letter.

Despite the growing feud between Machine and Fleshlight, Mack is still slated to appear on Feb. 22 at the Fleshlight Booth at an event in Toronto, Canada.

As for Machine, he's slated to fight Nah-shon Burrell on March 14 at Bellator 112.

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