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War Machine's whereabouts still unknown two days after Christy Mack beating

According to an Aug. 9 report from TMZ, former Bellator MMA fighter, War Machine, is still being sought after by police, following the brutal beating of his girlfriend, critically-acclaimed film actress Christy Mack. War Machine, 32, was last seen in public on Aug. 8, just hours before Mack was assaulted.

War Machine is still missing, two days after Christy Mack was found beaten
Courtesy of War Machine/Instagram promo shot

Larry Brown Sports is reporting that Mack is afraid for her life, after being hospitalized with severe injuries that include a broken jaw and eye socket fracture. Mack was beaten so badly on Aug. 8 that she reportedly is having trouble speaking. Luckily, Mack is expected to make a full recovery, and her injuries are non-life threatening.

War Machine, Mack and one other person were involved in an altercation on Aug. 8 in Las Vegas, in what police describe as the former Bellator MMA fighter's home. No official word from Las Vegas police on exactly what led to the altercation, but rumors have been running rampant across social media. The leading rumor is that War Machine walked in on Mack with another man, which led to him becoming enraged.

Mack appeared to have shock down that rumor, as she sent out a tweet explaining that it wasn't true. As of the afternoon of Aug. 10, War Machine and Mack haven't publicly stated what led to the altercation. War Machine sent out a tweet that he loves Mack, and that he is heartbroken. Mack did not respond to the tweet.

What happens from here is anyone's guess. Until Mack or War Machine release a public statement on exactly what transpired on Aug. 8, fight fans can only speculate. Las Vegas police have yet to locate War Machine, so he hasn't yet answered to questioning. As for War Machine's MMA career, Bellator MMA has cut ties with him.

Bellator MMA sent out a statement explaining that they have a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence, so War Machine has been released from his contract. The UFC probably won't come calling to secure his services, since he was formerly under contract with them. The UFC fired War Machine a few years back for an insensitive blog post. Before War Machine is able to resume his MMA career, he's going to have to answer to charges about the Mack attack.

In the latest update on the case, Mack tweeted to Jenna Jameson, thanking her for her support. The hope is that Mack is able to land on her feet, and continue her successful acting career. As for War Machine, perhaps an independent MMA promotion will take a chance on him. Even though he has had several run-ins with the law, he's still a big draw at the box office. People will pay to see him fight, so sometimes that's all MMA promotions care about when deciding booking.

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