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War Machine's side of the Christy Mack altercation story finally comes out

According to an Aug. 12 report from, War Machine's side of the Christy Mack altercation story is far different than the actress' account of the incident. War Machine's brother, Michael Eugene Koppenhaver, provided with an interesting new take on the unfortunate, tragic events that transpired on Aug. 8 in Las Vegas, between Mack, the former Bellator MMA standout and one other individual. What do we know for sure? There are two sides to every story, and the truth is usually somewhere in between.

War Machine tells his side of the Christy Mack altercation story
Courtesy of War Machine/Instagram promo shot

Koppenhaver's brother is the first to provide an in-depth look at the fighter's side of the story. Here's what we do know: War Machine, a 32-year-old MMA fighter, is wanted on suspicion of domestic battery, strangulation, lewdness, assault and coercion in a three-person attack that occurred on Aug. 8 in Las Vegas. According to Mack's side of the story, War Machine showed up to her house unannounced at 2 a.m. one evening last week, and found her hanging out with another gentleman.

Mack, 23, said she was fully clothed when Machine walked in on her, and that she was doing nothing more than hanging out with a friend. In an official statement that she tweeted out to her thousands of followers, she explained that War Machine became enraged when he found her with another man, and that he immediately started throwing punches without speaking a word or asking why they were together. Mack said her and War Machine broke up in May, months before the altercation in her home.

Mack, a critically-acclaimed film actress, said in her official statement that War Machine beat her up so badly that she broke over a dozen bones in her face, and suffered a ruptured liver. Mack suffered other injuries, including missing teeth and a bruised leg. She also noted that War Machine pulled a knife on her, and jabbed at her with it. Mack also released four photos of her in the hospital following the altercation, which clearly shows her injuries.

Luckily, Mack is expected to make a full recovery. Her injuries are non-life threatening. As for War Machine, he has managed to elude police for almost a full week. War Machine is now being sought after by Dog the Bounty Hunter, because police have been unable to locate him. War Machine hasn't provided a full statement on the beating of Mack, but his brother's account of the altercation is sure to raise some eyebrows.

Koppenhaver's brother says Machine and Mack were actually still in a relationship at the time of the beating, and that the former Bellator MMA fighter came home to find the actress in bed with another man. Koppenhaver's brother says Mack was the first to grab a knife when Machine got into a physical altercation with the man she was with. War Machine tweeted that he was in for the fight of his life during the altercation, and his brother believes that to be true. Since there is no video of the altercation, it's impossible to tell which side of the argument is the truth.

The hope is that Las Vegas police will be able to recreate the crime scene to piece together exactly what happened. Should Koppenhaver's brother be taken seriously? No one should take his word as gospel, but it's important to learn both sides of a story before passing judgement. Here's the thing: Even if it does turn out that Mack came at War Machine with a knife, he is a trained MMA fighter who should have been able to disarm her without causing serious injuries.

The photographic evidence of Mack's injuries should be enough to make a case against War Machine. More details are sure to emerge about the case when War Machine is actually apprehended by police. At present time, there is a $20k reward for information that leads to War Machine's arrest.

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