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War Machine pokes fun at Justin Bieber

According to a Jan. 24 tweet from War Machine, the studly Bellator MMA star thinks Justin Bieber has feminine features.

War Machine, 32, jokingly said that Bieber is so feminine-looking that he might have tried to get intimate with him had he been in the same jail cell as him when he was incarcerated in 2011.

"When I was doing my year in jail, had I gotten @justinbieber as a cellmate I just may have f**ked him, he's close enough to a girl for me," Machine tweeted.

Mr. Machine hit the proverbial nail on the head, as Bieber does have feminine features.

However, that's part of why he initially rose to prominence.

Bieber's facial profile is quite feminine, as he has a small nose, oval eyes and a boyish jawline. That's not to say he's not attractive, as his "cute" appearance helped him sell millions of albums over the past few years.

Bieber, 19, was all over the headlines this week after drag-racing down a Miami Beach street while under the influence of alcohol.

Bieber was charged with DUI, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest, but he was released from jail without incident on the morning of Jan. 23.

The Twitter world was buzzing following Bieber's arrest, and War Machine was one of the many who weighed in on the incident.

War Machine spent a year in a California county jail for a felony assault conviction stemming from a fight at a Point Loma bar in 2012, so he knows what its like to be arrested.

Luckily for Bieber, he was never in a jail cell at the same time as War Machine.

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