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War Machine manhunt ends: MMA fighter's ex had 18 broken facial bones

MMA fighter the War Machine arrested in California after huge manhunt leading to his capture.
MMA fighter the War Machine arrested in California after huge manhunt leading to his capture.
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The MMA fighter known as War Machine was captured by U.S. Marshals after a week-long manhunt. Jonathan Koppenhaver severely beat his ex-girlfriend, leaving her with 18 bones broken around her eyes before fleeing the Las Vegas area.

Breibart News reports on Aug. 16 that the War Machine was wanted on seven arrest warrants, in which five of the warrants are for felonies. They all stem back to Aug. 8, the night he terrorized his ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack, a popular adult-film actress in her Las Vegas home.

What War Machine is accused of doing to Mack is horrendous and he will face all seven charges in Nevada. The War Machine was apprehended in Simi Valley, California and the marshals are waiting on his extradition to Nevada, in the meantime he is locked up in the Simi Valley City Jail, reports Fox News today.

The War Machine had been separated from his ex-girlfriend Mack since May, but he showed up Aug. 8 at her house and found her in bed with a man, who he threw out of the house. That man has been identified as reality show star Corey Thomas.

It was then that the War Machine turned his anger on Mack, “sawing off” much of her hair with a "dull knife." He then tried to rape her, but couldn’t perform and while doing all of this he continually beat her about the face. She was finally able to get away from him and fled her home naked, going to a neighbor for help. That neighbor brought her to the hospital.

Along with the 18 facial bones broken, Mack had missing teeth, a broken nose, and fractured rib. She also had a ruptured liver from this violent attack in the early morning hours of Aug. 8. Mack remains in the hospital and the War Machine fled Las Vegas to California.

He was at an Extended Stay American Hotel in Simi Valley, which is the town in California where he was originally from. The capture was coordinated and successfully completed by Nevada FIST, a permanent task force led by U.S. Marshals. The Marshals worked with various other agencies to hunt the War Machine down and capture the fugitive.

“The Bounty Hunter,” Dog Dwayne Chapman, took to the media shortly after the War Machine fled Las Vegas and made a public appeal for him to give himself up. That didn’t work. He also vowed to go after him and capture the fugitive. It was the U.S. Marshals who took the War Machine into custody.

When he was found in his California hotel room, he had pizza and a little bit of cash, said authorities. He was captured without any incident. District of Nevada U.S. Marshal Christopher Hoye said in a statement, “This is yet another example of how our joint agency efforts are apprehending fugitives who think they can hide.”

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