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War Machine altercation: Is Christy Mack's crowdsourced fundraiser appropriate?

According to an Aug. 14 tweet from KROQ's Bean, a crowdsourced fundraiser has been put together for critically-acclaimed actress Christy Mack, a 23-year-old woman who suffered severe injuries last week in a three-person altercation in Las Vegas. With 89 days left of donation collecting, the fundraiser is several thousand dollars off from its goal to raise $100,000.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is searching for War Machine, following the attack on Christy Mack
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

As of the afternoon of Aug. 15, Mack's tallied 850 donations for a total of $64,509. It should also be noted that Mack's fundraiser was put together by fellow adult actresses, Kendall Karson and Karley Cottrell. As it states on Mack's page, the fundraiser was put together to help the actress pay for medical costs and time off from work as she recovers from the non-life threatening injuries she sustained during a brutal beating at the hands of her on-again, off-again boyfriend, former Bellator MMA fighter War Machine.

Is the fundraiser appropriate? That's the burning questions fans have been asking since it opened shortly after the attack on Mack. Here's what we do know: There are crime victim compensation programs in Nevada and across the country, that offer financial assistance to victims of domestic violence. While it's true that victims of domestic violence may suffer financial stress after being hospitalized with their injuries, there are crime victim compensation boards that can help with the medical costs involved.

Many of these programs also offer special services, including replacement of lost income for domestic violence victims who can't work and missed out on paychecks as a result of their abuse. In 2014, crime victim compensation programs across the nation are paying out millions of dollars to thousands of victims of domestic violence. Luckily for taxpayers, most of the money comes from the offending criminals who committed the attacks, rather than from tax dollars.

Most states fund their crime victim compensation programs through fines charged against those convicted of committing the crimes. Other monies to provide assistance to victims of domestic violence come from federal grants. That said, some have questioned why Mack's friends and family have taken to crowdsourcing as a way to raise money for the world-renowned actress.

Besides the fact that Mack's medical costs and lost income due to missed work could possibly be taken care of through crime victim compensation programs, full details about the actual cost of her medical care haven't yet been tallied. Even if Mack does end up having to pay for her own medical costs, $100,000 seems like far more than what would actually be needed. It's also worth noting that Mack's estimated net worth is $500,000, and the other man involved in the altercation, VH1 reality star Corey Thomas, has an estimated net worth of five million dollars.

Perhaps people just feel bad for Mack, and want to help her any way they can. The people who are donating might not care if the money actually goes to pay her medical costs, or if its used for other things. However, it's important the public, donors especially, are made aware of how the crowdsourced funds are being used. Ultimately, it could affect how future fundraisers are perceived, if its discovered that Mack's crowdsourced funds don't actually go to pay for what her friends say the money is for.

As for War Machine, he was released from his promotional contract with Bellator MMA when the promotion found out he was involved in a domestic violence dispute. Bellator MMA will move forward without him. The latest update is that Dog the Bounty Hunter is searching for War Machine, with his film crew in tow.

Apparently, Dog the Bounty Hunter has been following tips from social media, and he believes War Machine might be hiding out near the Mexican border checkpoint. Time will tell if Dog the Bounty Hunter is able to find War Machine. However, it will be difficult because bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico. Dog the Bounty Hunter has been providing updates on the matter from his official Twitter page.

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