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WaPo columnist insults GOP lawmakers on Benghazi, echoes Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
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Carrying water for his Democratic allies on the issue of Benghazi, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson decided to insult Republicans over the select committee in an article reminiscent of a schoolchild sticking out his or her tongue. In his op-ed, Robinson claimed GOP lawmakers are unable to find Libya on a map and dared them to locate Benghazi, Mediaite reported Tuesday. He also denigrated the investigation as a "show trial" and called GOP members inquisitors while echoing a statement made by Hillary Clinton.

"Before asking a question at the coming show trial, each self-righteous congressional inquisitor should be required to correctly locate Benghazi on an unlabeled map," he wrote. "That would shorten the farce. My guess is that some of the House Republicans screaming loudest in faux outrage would be hard-pressed to find Libya, much less pinpoint the city where four Americans were tragically killed."

According to Robinson, the committee was set up to hurt Democrats, not get to the truth of the Benghazi attack. He also accused Rep. Trey Gowdy, the South Carolina Republican heading up the committee, of questioning the valor of the four Americans killed in the attack.

"It is in these chaotic, violent places where threats to our national interests take shape. Brave public servants volunteer to go into conflict zones to make it safe for partisans at home to question their valor," he wrote.

He went on to dismiss the smoking gun email in which Susan Rice was coached to blame the attack on an obscure online video. Apparently, Robinson is okay with administration officials lying to cover serious policy flaws.

“What difference, at this point, does it make?” he asked, echoing the now infamous line used by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"What’s the point, exactly, that Republicans are trying to prove? That there are still Islamic terrorists who want to kill Americans? I think this is common knowledge. That deadly violence by a homicidal mob is somehow more benign than deadly violence by an organized group? Honestly, I fail to see the distinction," he added.

Clearly Robinson, like so many on the left, misses the point. There are questions that still remain unanswered. It seems, however, that liberals like Robinson aren't interested in the truth.

"The way to honor the Americans who died in Benghazi is to try to make sure nothing like this happens again," he wrote. Unfortunately, we can't do that unless we get the whole truth about what happened on Sept. 12, 2012. And so far, the administration has done everything it could to keep the truth from the American people.

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