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WaPo ABC News Poll: Americans strongly oppose comprehensive amnesty reform

Americans strongly oppose comprehensive amnesty reform
Americans strongly oppose comprehensive amnesty reform
Bill Clark/Getty Images

Strong public opposition to comprehensive amnesty reform is causing both parties to get negative ratings on the issues, the Washington Post Reports today from the survey data form the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll. While public opinion has been divided on immigration in general, the current crisis at the border provides a clear picture for voters to look at and see what comprehensive amnesty reform looks like.

The polls shows most Americans, including most Latinos, disapproving of both the president's and the Congress's handling of the crisis at the border. The Washington Post reports, “The findings represent a political blow for a president who called immigration reform a top second-term priority when he was reelected two years ago with 71 percent support from Latino voters.”

The Post also reports 66 percent of those surveyed also disapprove of the performance of Republican members of Congress on the issue. For the last few years, the Republican leadership in Congress has joined the Democratic leadership in calling for enacting of comprehensive amnesty reform in Congress. Clearly, the public opposition is directly in reaction to the strong bipartisan push by the leadership of the two major parties in support of comprehensive amnesty reform.

“More than 57,000 children have crossed illegally into the country this year, a far greater number than in past years. The border crisis has quickly become a Washington flash point ahead of the midterm elections in November, with Republicans charging that the president’s immigration policies helped lead to the influx of children,” the Washington Post reported today.

When asked if voters approve of President Obama's handling of the “issue of undocumented immigrants coming into the United States over the border with Mexico,” 58 percent answered they disapproved and only 33 percent approved. When asked that same question about Republicans in Congress, 66 percent disapproved while only 23 percent approved.

Among the 58 percent that disapprove of Obama's performance, 40 percent of them told the survey they strongly disapprove. Only 13 percent strongly approve of the president's performance on this issue, while 21 percent somewhat support and 18 percent somewhat disapprove. The strongly disapprove is the largest of the four degrees of approval or disapproval, and polling just ten percent short of a majority, it illustrates just how strongly the largest plurality of voters opposes comprehensive amnesty reform.

On the question of approval or disapproval of Repubicans in Congress on the issue, a similar 44 percent strongly disapprove while only 10 percent strongly approve. Just 14 percent somewhat approve of the performance of Republicans in Congress while 22 percent somewhat approve. Rush Limbaugh, analyzing this polling data on his syndicated radio program today, said the polling data illustrates that Republicans are as opposed their own party's performance on the issue as Democrats are because Republicans have not opposed by push by Democrats to enact comprehensive amnesty reform. Limbaugh also noted that Republican leadership in Congress has embraced the call for enacting comprehensive amnesty reform.

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