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Wanted: Political and Religious Leaders with a Multicultural Vision for America!

Wanted: Political and religious leaders
Wanted: Political and religious leaders

For this article the term “racism” will refer to attitudes and behaviors of the power-majority group who act out their prejudices and discriminating thoughts by manipulating the laws, the systems, and social institutions to give preferences or advantages to one group of American people while oppressing or suppressing the same preferences or advantages to other groups of American people.

Usually, the other groups of American people are multicultural and include race, gender, religion, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability.

As America moves forward in trying to expand its thinking around racism - and how it impacts the lives of millions of multicultural people - a need arises for political and religious leaders with a multicultural vision and actions consistent with Christian love.

Though there are many religious leaders in America, only Christian leaders are addressed in this article since approximately 80% of Americans claim to be followers of Christ.

Republicans, liberals, Democrats, or Christian leaders who continue to react negatively, or with anger, or apathy, or polarized detachment towards the racism and injustice experienced by millions of multicultural Americans; they will soon become irrelevant as leaders for 21st century America.

There is no future leader in the political and religious pool who has shown any true support for marginalized or disenfranchised people from various cultural groups. Though they speak frankly and constantly about ObamaCare, homosexuality, abortion, and the character of President Obama; they are altogether silent on racism and injustice suffered by millions of Americans across the country.

Christian leaders have more media outlets, networks, and channels than ever before to say, take actions, and be the voice of God for Christian America, but remain silent on racism and injustice experienced by their American neighbors.

With all the racial unrest, divide, and human suffering witnessed on the American stage and through social media every single day, where is the Christian leader in ministering to and speaking up for the disenfranchised or the people crying out for justice? Where is the Good Samaritan? Are racism and injustice problems and opportunities to apply the true meaning of Christianity and demonstrate the love of Christ?

Many have expressed great sympathy for foreign brothers and sisters in Christ suffering in other parts of the world, but have taken no actions - that line up with or reflect Christian love - for people suffering in their own country.

America has had a tragic history leaving generations and generations of people – whites and non-whites - with a legacy of racism and injustice, that sadly represents one of the “biggest”, anti-Christian, and moral problems the nation faces today.

Therefore, Political and religious leaders are needed that can truly deal with multicultural issues as fairly as possible and can effectively begin to break all links that contribute to the perpetuation of racism and injustice in American society.

Christian leaders have the ability to influence thousands and thousands of followers of Christ on the seriousness of racism and injustice that is so deeply embedded in our society and perpetuated by well-meaning people who do nothing to address it. The cliché question is: What would Jesus Christ do?

Christian leaders also have the weapon and power of God’s love. True followers of Christ let God’s love transform their own hearts and that same love spills over into the lives of others to break down any anti-love individuals may have towards others.

Jesus teaches his followers to love others, including those who “seem” least worthy of love (Matthew 5:43-48). This lesson alone will put out the fires of racism and injustice in the heart of true leaders (political and religious) who claim to be Christians and bring the deliverance that America needs, so desperately, in the 21st century.

God’s love breaks down barriers and walls in the hearts of his followers, so that they can in turn break down barriers and walls in others and in society. Presently, there is wanted and needed in America political and religious leaders with a multicultural vision and actions consistent with Christian love.

Racism and injustice can come to an end and it can start with followers of Christ being the loving voice and action of Jesus Christ on these issues. Where is the visionary political or religious leader who can take on this task and usher in a new 21st century America?

Dr. Pensacola H. Jefferson

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