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Want to see the Northern Lights? There's an app for that!

In a world where it seems as though people just can't seem to live without their cell phones, which are themselves transforming more into mini computers every day, it seems as though there's some kind of app for just about anything. Now, one can cross watching the Northern Lights off the no-app list as there's now an app designed just for the purpose of displaying views of the aurora-live!

The app comes courtesy of Don Hampton, an assistant professor at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. For the record, the Fairbanks area nearly doubles in population thanks to tourists coming up North in order to view the aurora. However, not everyone can afford to make the trip and/or want to make the trip, whether it be for the cold or other reasons. These facts of life inspired Hampton to create the app that shows the aurora live, as monitored by sky-watching cameras originally meant for research purposes.

Unfortunately, the app won't be available until next month. However, one can view demo here right now.

As always, would-be sky watchers in the Cleveland area should be sure to keep an eye on the Cleveland weather forecast and, for hour-by-hour cloud predictions, the Cleveland Clear Sky Clock. Live somewhere else? Find a clock and see if it will be clear near you.

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