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Want to sabotage the Utah Republican caucuses using the voter list? Here’s how.

The Republican Party under its Chair, James Evans, is using the internet to make the caucus system work more smoothly and to allow more people to participate.

At the same time, Evans is working to kill a bill that protects voters’ personal identifying information and that prevents the voter data base from being posted to the internet (HB302S02).

Of course, the Party’s previous refusal to protect voter records contributed significantly to the posting of the entire voter database first to and then to

The posting of the voter database is what allows a person to sabotage the Republican caucuses.

Here’s how it can be done.

1. Go to

2. Click on the “Pre-register on line here."

3. Click on the “Save time and click here to pre-register online for caucus night!”

4. Then go to either or and open up the personal identifying information of any voter in a precinct where a voter is to be registered for caucus attendance.

  • On, enter the name of the person to be pre-registered, or
  • On, find the person by zip code and then street, or
  • On, find him by address.
  • Once the information required is available, fill out the form and submit it. Then create a password. This means that the actual voter won’t be able to access his/her information unless the password is given to him. The person is now pre-registered.

5. Follow the same steps to sign individuals up to run for precinct offices and delegates by clicking here.

6. Follow the same steps to print the Same Day Ballot.

The above was tested by two individuals. One who was the person being registered to attend his caucus. He watched as the other person went to the online voter list at and gathered his full information, entered it into the system, created a password and completed the registration form in his name. The person registering him then gave him the password and a .pdf copy of his registration form.

So, the Republican Party has ensured that the Republican online caucus registration system is readily corruptible and that anyone can play games with it because of the online voter lists.

In addition, the Party has created a system that sends all information entered to a third party provider who now has access to every registrant’s personal identifying information including full birth date whether they are on the voter database posted to the internet or whether they registered after it was published.

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