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Want to learn Geekspeak?! New show starting in July to help you

We all know how Geekspeak can be really off putting and discouraging. Experts in their field often forget that not everyone knows the subject specific language and phrases, trying to do research, we often stumble onto Geekspeak and are caught again trying to understand what they are telling us.

Start your week right with your very own Geekspeak Guides
Geekspeak Guides

Susan Finch and Yvonne Heimann have set out to change that!

Geekspeak Guides is a G+ community that has set out to answer your questions and translate the Geekspeak in a way, easy to understand for everyone. Weekly shows will explain common online issues, mostly focused around websites and website development, online security and how to fit it all together.

Susan and Yvonne encourage everyone to submit any kind of "online" question. Please don't hesitate, if they don't know the answer they probably do know someone that does.

Not wanting to leave their viewers with information and tools without knowing how to actually use them, Susan and Yvonne came up with a two part show layout.

Before the show you will have about 15 minutes of homework were Susan and Yvonne explain the subject of the upcoming show. Problems, best practices and solutions as well as tools will be covered in this pre-show for you to submit your questions, problems and tools in the comments section to be covered in the live HOA. This way you have the chance to review the video, follow the steps, get eventual tolls and test them and then get your questions answered in the 30 minute live show.

You still have questions about the show format?!

Head over to Mark Seydel's show featuring Susan and Yvonne, explaining how all of this works and why you should not miss it.

Now don't forget to RSVP for the first Geekspeak Guides show on July 7th, 2014

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