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Want to help the Lakers re-sign Derek Fisher?

Do your part to make sure Fisher comes back to L.A.
Do your part to make sure Fisher comes back to L.A.
AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

Although I wrote yesterday about how the Los Angeles Lakers will be looking for an important piece during summer league, the most important missing piece for them right now, without question, is Derek Fisher.

The Lakers are under negotiations with Fish, and Lakers fans are doing everything in their power to help bring back the 36-year-old 5-time champion.

Gary from is no exception, and he has used his site's popularity to launch the "Bring Fish Back" campaign. Not only has he used his site as a platform for lobbying, but he has also set up a Facebook page ( and a Twitter account (@bringfishback) as a way for Laker fans to show their support.

You might be saying to yourself, "this is useless, Fisher is a grown man who is going to make his own decision," but hey, what have you got to lose?

Imagine Fisher sitting in his bed late at night, holding his daughter in his arms and discussing different options with his wife. Suddenly, he sees a report on the news about Lakers fans pouring their hearts out on the web to get Fish to return to L.A.

He opens his laptop and sees the thousands of fans following @BringFishBack on Twitter and Facebook and immediately picks up the phone, with a tear in his eye, to call Mitch Kupchak and say, "It was was always you. I'm coming back to L.A."

Simply beautiful.

Oh yeah and while you're at it, follow me @LakersExaminer. Seemed like a good time for a shameless plug.


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