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2014 Winter Olympics

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Want to call an Olympic athlete? Alexey Sobolev puts phone number on his helmet

Alexey Sobolev puts his phone number on his helmet
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Alexey Sobolev wants you to give him a call. Technically, the Russian snowboarder should be focused at the Winter Games as he is a fierce competitor, but he is also 22-years-old and seeing if he can find love. According to USA Today on Friday the tough competitor on the slopes has received more than 2,000 text messages at the Winter Games and his messages keep growing every time he is in front of a crowd.

While the idea might sound a bit crazy, the young snowboarder has been making a name for himself and he doesn’t mind interacting with his fans. However, it sounds like some of the interaction is risqué as fans who are interested in meeting the athlete are sending all sorts of electronic messages including a few that are over the top.

Don’t expect Alexey Sobolev to shy away from the publicity (or the chance to pick up more numbers) as the star on the slopes really wants to have a good time. As fans know life can be boring snowboarding by yourself.

Unfortunately for those late bloomers, the number on Sobolev’s helmet has to be covered on Saturday morning, when he will returns to the slope for the four spots in the final. Fans could be sad they missed out getting to know Alexey digitally. Or they could look up the picture online as his phone number helmet photograph is literally posted everywhere!

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