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Want to be part of a crop mob?

More and more city dwellers are fantasizing about the country life. With urban chickens and bees, rooftop gardens and more farm to table dinners happening than ever, the desire to bring the farm life into the city is definitely happening. But how about taking the opportunity to really experience life on the farm for a day? You can find out how fulfilling (and exhausting!) farm work is by taking part in an upcoming "crop mob" at Spence Farm on October 10th, 9:00 am-7:00 pm.

Chicago Oxfam Action Corps is hosting this event for people who are committed to sustainable food and want to get to know a Chicago area farm better. Volunteers will ride a biodeisel bus to the farm, located about 100 miles south of Chicago and will then be put to work on the farm for the day.

A recent trend that has been taking off all over the country, crop mobs are a way for people to organize themselves and take action on behalf of a sustainable and healthy food system. Crop mobs are a great way to provide some much needed labor for an area family farm, while helping to build community around our local food supply.

So if you're ready to get dirty and get more involved in where your food is coming from, join in on the crop mob! Hopefully there will be many more to come around Chicago.

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