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Want more Twitter followers? Then stop doing these three things.

Social media is not only addictive, but it is becoming an essential tool for both business and pleasure in modern culture. Whether you are looking to enhance the visibility of your brand, network with like-minded creators, or just keep tabs on the pulse of your industry, Twitter is a valuable step toward achieving those goals.

However, with all its robust features and ease of use, there is still a lot of room for error and consequence. Misuse of Twitter can not only slow the accumulation of its benefits, but even damage your reputation and reach. In order to avoid suffering these costs, you need to break a few bad habits.

1. Stop asking for follows.

Maybe you have seen these comments on YouTube: “sub for sub.” Essentially, it means, “Hey, I want you to subscribe to me, and in return, I will subscribe to you – but other than my selfish gain, there is no basis for this request.” Do not be this person.

Instead, remember that as long as you as contributing positively to the community, your following will increase naturally. Tweet regularly, multiple times per day, with high-quality posts that others may consider sharing. That is, honestly, still the tried-and-true best formula to gain a bigger follower count. There is no big secret here, you just need to be someone that others would consider worth paying attention to.

2. Stop broadcasting your unfollows.

There exists a subset of users on Twitter that use free third-party applications that tabulate the amount of unfollows they receive, then perhaps even broadcast this figure on a daily basis. Even worse, some people get outright petty with their unfollows and choose to publicly complain about the event.

But remember: Nobody owes you a follow. Nobody has any obligation to you whatsoever. And, in fact, if you continue making a fuss about losing your following, you are only going to lose more people because you are being annoying. Tweets complaining about unfollows offer the remaining followers zero value, thus only increasing the chance that unfollowing trends will continue. Stop doing this, as it will only backfire on you in the long run.

3. Stop wandering aimlessly.

Unless, that is, your aim is to wander aimlessly. To clarify: Many people nowadays are still unsure what Twitter is for, or how to best take advantage of its services. If you do not know the purpose for your account, you will never be able to focus on achieving your maximum potential.

For many, this means that having many followers will never matter. After all, Twitter can be quite valuable enough just as a means by which to instantly receive updates from desired feeds. On the other hand, for those seeking to broadcast their message to as many people as possible – they will need to figure out elements of their marketing strategy such as their target audience, listening times, and other nuanced aspects.

Then again, if you are taking Twitter too seriously, you are missing the point. Above all else, ensure that your enjoyment outweighs your anxieties. The last thing we need is to let a number on a website decide our outlook on life.


Eric Bailey blogs at, where he is reviewing every American-released NES video game. He also serves as Editor-In-Chief of retro gaming features site, and can be followed on Twitter @Nintendo_Legend.

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