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Want Long Eyelashes? Tips for Growing Eyelashes in Most Beautiful Ways

Having longer eyelashes is desired by many women. Longer eyelashes can draw more attention to the eye as well as allow women to not rely on mascara. Most people correlate longer lashes with more beautiful and dramatic eyes as well as better protecting the eyes from dust and dirt. The question is how can I get longer lashes? Luckily there are many ways women achieve a fuller eyelash look.

To begin with many women rely on the use of false lashes to achieve that fuller look. False lashes are not only readily available, being easily accessible at most drugstores, but they are very cheap option with a wide variety of styles. Some come in different colors, shapes, and some are even glittered. This is great when going for a dramatic look or a party look, but wearing false lashes everyday can be tedious and damaging. If not applied properly, they can pull out existing eyelashes or irritate the sensitive skin around the eye. Some women also struggle with the glow drying while the eye is shut, making it impossible to open the eye, or causing glue to get in the eye and irritate it or even cause

Another popular alternative is for women to put in lash extensions. The procedure can take up to two hours and can be expensive. Extensions, on the plus side, can last up to eight weeks and are attached directly to the eyelash, allowing them to fall out on their own over time. Its okay to cry and shower with the lashes however wearing water proof mascara is not recommended. If mascara is worn at all, it should only be applied to the ends of the lash extensions, to prevent pulling off the lashes when washing off the mascara.

Many women try unnatural lash growing serums which can darken lashes and in extreme cases even cause discoloration of the iris.
If none of these options seem feasible to you, then your best option is to use a natural approach to strengthen and grow your lashes. Follow these tips for naturally growing and enhancing your lashes.

Step 1: Proper diet.

Like overall health and beauty, proper diet is the first key to having strong and beautiful lashes. Like all hair, lashes benefit from healthy super foods like fruits and vegetables. Include folic acid, beta carotene and vitamin B in your diet through shellfish and seafood, which are sources of necessary vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Antioxidants, found in many berries and grapes, and biotin, a b vitamin which helps skin and nails grow, are important ingredients in stimulating cell, hair, and nail growth. To be safe, take a multivitamin daily to ensure you are getting all your necessary nutrients.

Step 2: Use natural oils.

Use a Q-tip or clean mascara brush to apply your oil to your eyelashes before bed. Adding Vitamin E is also helpful as it stimulates growth and healing. Deciding which product to use is up to you. Castor oil, olive oil, egg whites or a combination of any of the two are very beneficial to growing long eyelashes. Petroleum Jelly has been shown to be full of harmful parabens, so its best to use castor oil, olive oil, or egg whites. Make sure to wash the oil off in the morning because the oil can attract harmful dirt to the lashes.

Step 3: Brushing lashes.

Make sure to only use a clean, sterilized brush to brush your lashes a few times throughout the day in order to stimulate growth and keep them clean.

Step 4: Trim the eyelashes.

While it sounds counter-intuitive, just like cutting dead ends off of your hair every two months stimulates hair growth and keeps them healthy, trimming eyelashes stimulates growth. Make sure to use small scissors and to not cut them too short. Only the very tips should be cut.

These tips are not designed to be a one-time remedy, but instead, a routine that keeps your lashes healthy and full throughout your life. If the routine in maintained it is possible that you could enjoy full, healthy lashes for the rest of your life. Finally whatever the reason you want longer lashes, whether it be a fun party look or a permanent fix in order to accentuate and draw focus to your eyes, following these steps and ideas for fuller lashes will help achieve whatever look you may be going for.

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