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Want it done right - do it yourself

As we face the changing of our world for the next it is interesting to look around and wonder ‘what will they say about me when I am gone?’ In the world of fast computers and disposal lifestyles, who has the time to look into the life of a person and pitch the perfect obituary which will tell of a life well lived. Today, we see some of the biggest short comings in everyone existence, rarely do we take the time to measure up the worth paid to a community, organization or family. This is the time, the obituary; however the story is being told by someone who may never have met the decedent nor shared any of the time living in the community, they cared so much about.

Obituaries are written more than not by either the funeral director or the local newspaper copy writer; with a fill in the blank and move on. These obituaries are meant to only acknowledge the existence and cost as little as possible. Well here is a way to save money and go further than to say ‘Joe lived from 0-00-0000 to 0-00-0000. While many of us have been taught to not blow our own horn, rather help someone else with that job; okay, but what happens when we are no longer here to help that person along.

We need to have this last written word not only show the good and bad, but also the human side of us; remember this is what people will read of us for the rest of their lives and their grandchildren and so on. The best “way to get something done is to do it yourself” (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1858 seems the most popular answer), so let’s each sit down and see what we have left to another generation to enjoy and learn from.

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