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Want great tea, then start with great water.

If you are being let down with your cup of tea lately and have been following the brewing instructions to the "tea" then maybe it is time to look at what else could be bringing down your daily brew. If you are sure your tea is good, and your technique is on par, then it is time to look at your water. At its most basic level tea is leaves brewed in hot water. If you have good tea then the only thing that might be missing would be the hot water. If you think this is the case you can try getting some purified water and running a test brew. Many times this will result in a lot crisper taste with the ability to taste the notes of each individual tea blend. This is because the water is cleaner without taste of chemicals, which allows the tea to really deliver its true and clean flavor. So if you are wondering why your tea is letting you down lately, take a look at the water you are using before you switch out your favorite blend.