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WannaGoOut? dog walking service in Boston's South End


  Owner and Founder, Jen Fond, with one of her clients.

Since 2003, WANNAGOOUT? has walked and cared for dogs in the South End.  Here's an overview of the company:

Founder's Story: 
Jen Fond grew up with a cocker spaniel and a mom who loved dogs.  Jen now owns two cocker spaniels, named Miguel and Rosie.  She started working for a friend's dog walking business which walked about 10-12 dogs a day.  Later, Jen bought the business from her friend and WANNAGOOUT? walks 50 dogs a day. 

Dog walking (individual and group), cat visits, grooming shuttle, overnight stays. The most popular service is the daily dog walk.

 Price: WANNAGOOUT? services range from $15 to $65 a day.  

Staff Info:
Five people including Jen who says that she has an "amazing staff" and is very picky with who she hires.


Can any dog be part of your group walks?
It's based on the client's bio of their dog.  It is a  liability to the client and the dog if their dog is unfriendly towards the others in the group.  We give it a week of trying with the same dogs at the same time to see if it will work out.

Will you work with any dog or, if they have behavior problems, will you still accept them?
We can work out a program with the client. We are not certified trainers but are happy to reinforce any training needs your dog has.

What does it mean to be insured and bonded and members of Pet Services International?
Insurance protects against injury to the dog and negligence on the part of the company.  Bonding protects the client from in home theft, and PSI is an umbrella organization for pet sitters that provides various forms of information to us.

Favorite story from dog walking in Boston:
Once, Jen was walking two labs who loved food on Shawmut Ave. They walked by a man eating powdered donuts and, all of a sudden, one of the lab's head was in the box with powder all over her nose!  Jen apologized and paid for the man's donuts.

"What I love about WANNAGOOUT? is that we're always available, we genuinely love the dogs, we don't walk in packs of more than four, we're flexible, and I think, we're trustworthy and reliable. I would feel comfortable with any of my dog walkers to stay with my dogs...what sets us apart is #1 our care for the dogs." ~ Jen Fond, Owner and Founder.


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