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Wanna Save a buck? Spend a buck- the healthiest foods for under $1.00


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Looking to eat healthy but don't want to spend your entire paycheck on groceries? Eating healthy, energizing foods does not need to be costly or time consuming. For the average person, working and finding time to work out can feel like it leaves no time for home cooked meals. But eating right will give you the fuel to keeep going through those long days.

One great way to save time is buying frozen meals. Always check the nutrional value to make sure it is not loaded with fats and super processed. Frozen vegetables and fuits are a fast and cheap way of getting all the Vitamins and Fiber you need.

Looking to save money, here are some of the healthiest foods for under $1.00 per portion: Healthiest Foods for $1.00, some surprising items made the list, I was happy to see that coffee was on it!

Another great way to save both time and money, and to support local businesses is Boston Organics. This small company is working to bring people in the Boston area fresh produce, cheeses, honey, and many other items right to their door. It's also much more affordable than going to the grocery store and buying all organic.

Fuel up right to be able to do what you love longer!